6/12/24 Hour Endurance Challenge

Fifth Annual Sunset 6/12/24 Hour Endurance Challenge

Friday and Saturday November 27 –28, 2015

Arrangements for the 2016 event are pending.  This page will be updated when the details are complete some time in mid 2016.

2015-2016 Arkansas Ultrarunning Association Ultra Trail Series Race #5

(You may run, walk, hop, skip, jump, or crawl for as long as you want within the time limit.)

A link to the entry form is farther down this page.


Sunset Lake, Benton   (see directions & parking info below)


The 24 hour run will being at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, November 27.
The 6 and 12 hour runs will begin at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 28.

Check-in will be 30 minutes prior to the start time of the event you are running.


The course will follow a one mile paved loop around Sunset Lake
(The certified distance is 1.015 miles.)
There will lighting on part of the trail loop after dark
it is recommended that the 24 hour runners bring a flashlight or headlamp
unless they are comfortable running in the dark.

Entry Fee

None –  Donations will be gladly accepted to help offset costs.

Although there is no entry fee, advance registration is strongly encouraged so that we will have some idea of the number of people to prepare for.  That will make it easier for the volunteers, especially Saturday morning since the 24 hour race will be going on during check-in.  Granted, if you pre-register and do not come, you will be out the entry fee, but since the fee is $0 you are only out the two minutes it takes to pre-register!   If you have registered and have to cancel, you can also do that on line.  We encourage on-line registration which will actually be faster and better than using the form, but we have the form available for those of us still living in the 20th Century!  :)
This form may be submitted by e-mail.      There will be a waiver for all participants to sign on race day.

ON LINE ENTRY (closed)      Printed Form   

On line entry is now closed but you can e-mail the information (name, age, gender, event – 6, 12 or 24 , and your city) to the RD.  Click on the e-mail link above.  You can also  register on race day but we much prefer to have the information in advance to simplify things on race day.    Also, if you need to cancel, please e-mail the RD.

 Few Frills

Water, Gatorade and soft drinks will be provided along with chips, pretzels, cookies, crackers, peanut butter, bananas, and boiled potatoes.  If you want something else, feel free to bring it either for yourself or to share.
Runners are encouraged to bring a water bottle and/or another personal container either marked with their name or carried with them to minimize the use of disposable cups, thus avoiding unnecessary trash. 

There is room to set up your personal gear, ice chest, chair, etc., along the course near the pavilion.

We will have Overall,Masters, Grand Masters, and Senors male/female first place (only) awards for each event.


No DNFs – Runners will be credited with the total number of miles completed (completed full loops only) regardless of how long they run (or walk, hop, skip, crawl, or a combination thereof).

Runners may stop at any time they decide they have had enough fun!   Runners are free to take breaks whenever desired and for however long desired.

Runners who switch to a different race after the race start will not be eligible for an award.
Runners are welcome to bring someone to help count laps, crew, or just cheer them on.

Mileage credit will be based on completed laps.


Park any designated parking area around the lake except the upper parking lot next to the dog park.  Parking along the fence is no longer available because of recent changes.   We have approval to park in the National Guard Armory parking lot which is up the hill from the pavilion.  Additional parking is available on the far side of the lake.  If you have to park there, and walking the 600 yards to race HQ is an issue, this might not be the race for you!

Directions –  Map

Coming from Little Rock and points farther north and east away, take westbound I-30, take the Sevier Street exit (Exit 116), cross the bridge, turn right and go down to the frontage road.  Turn left on the frontage road and go just over 3/10 mile west.  You will pass Holland Chapel Church and the Saline County Fairgrounds.  Turn left on Fairfield Street which is just past the fairgrounds.  You will pass the National Guard Armory on your right and then you will see Sunset Lake on your right.

From eastbound I-30, take the Sevier Street exit (Exit 116). Bear left on the frontage road.   Turn right on to Fairfield Street which will be the first right after you enter the frontage road. Stay on Fairfield Street to Sunset Lake.

Questions may be referred to Pete Ireland.

Past Race Results and Photos

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